Youtube Thumbnails Not Showing? Here is the Fix

Trust me, I understand what a great headache it is to go over Youtube and scroll through the videos having no thumbnail. You can’t even guess or visualize how a video is going to be without seeing a thumbnail of it. These are minor issues that we go through when we often use Youtube.

This article consists of some effective approaches that you can keep in mind the next time you have a problem with Youtube thumbnails not showing!

How To Fix Youtube Thumbnails Not Showing Problem?

As you scroll down, you’ll see 5 different approaches that will help you to fix the problem. All the ways are completely workable and trusted. We will see all the ways one by one. By the end of this article, we assure you that you will be able to fix this problem.

1. Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Smooth Enough

This is the most common hindrance if your Youtube thumbnails are not showing or if your videos are not loading. There are many reasons which lead to trouble in the network let’s study a little about fixing them.

Check Your Internet Speed

  1. Connect your device to the router, you can also use an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your internet browser and type, then press “enter”.
  3. After the page opens, simply click on “Go”.
  4. If it appears that your connection is too slow or unstable then either connect to a faster network or go check your router/modern to secure your computer network. We would suggest you contact the Internet Support Specialists.

Check If Too Many Devices Are Connected To The WIFI Network

Over connected devices, leads to slow the speed of WIFI Network. It affects both the streaming speed and the download/upload speed. It becomes hard to load Youtube thumbnails/videos. so either remove some of the devices or connect your mobile to a rather faster network.

Downloading/Uploading Something Else

If you are download or uploading something side by side of streaming videos then, this might be a problem. Stop being so greedy and continue with one task at a time. Either stop the download or upload and then continue streaming Youtube or vice-versa! This shall improve the network and well, you’ll be able to see thumbnails again.

2. Clear Cache Data

Too many caches may cause the problem of Youtube not showing thumbnails. You should always look for the details before removing the cache, as it might remove some of your data in the process. I have provided steps to remove cache from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari:

For Chrome Users

  1. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner as soon as you open Chrome.
  2. Now select “More tools” and then click “Clear browsing data”.
  3. A pop-up box will appear having a set of settings, tick all the options as shown in the image below, and then set the time range to All Time.
  4. Now, click “clear data” and it is all set!

For Firefox Users

  1. Open Firefox and click the three-line icon on the top right side to open the menu.
  2. Now choose the “options”.
  3. Now click “Privacy and Security” and then click on “Cookies and Site Data”.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, click all the options as shown below and then click “clear” to wipe out all browsing data.

For Safari Users

  1. Click on “Safari” and then select the “Preferences” option from the menu.
  2. From the window that opens up, go to “Privacy” and then click “Remove all Website Data”.
  3. For the next step just confirm the removal by clicking “Remove now” and this way, all cache, and cookies shall be gone.

3. Clear Cache And Force Stop Youtube App

At times, Youtube stops responding to events and actions, therefore, force stop restarts the app and shut down the misbehaving actions of Youtube. So we will do the process step by step to remove such behavior of Youtube:

First – Clear Cache

  1. Open Youtube and then click on the account icon which is at the top right corner to open up the menu.
  2. Now, click on the “settings” option.
  3. Tap on “History &Privacy” and then click on “Clear Watch History”.

Second – Force Stop Youtube

  1. Open Settings on your android phone and head to “Application manager”.
  2. Look for Youtube from the list and then tap on it.
  3. Now click on the “FORCE STOP” button and then restart the app after some time.

4. Look For Incompatible Extensions

In a few cases, there can be an incompatible extension that might cause Youtube thumbnails not showing. Thus know how you can use Incognito mode to fix it:

  1. Go Incognito mode. Find the menu in the upper right corner and choose to open “New incognito/private window”. (Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox)
  2. Now try and refresh the YouTube page and reopen. If the problem is solved, then amazing. Please go on with the next steps to remove your incompatible add-on(s).
  3. Now, check every extension in the toolbar and find the incompatible one(s), right-click the extension and select “Remove from Chrome”. That is it!

5. Restart Your Device

This is the most common method to reduce troubleshooting in mobile phones. Simply, restart your phone, and maybe the Youtube thumbnails not showing or videos will automatically appear again. This is the last approach that you can try and it yields effective results at times.


And this is a wrap! We have covered all the approaches in brief throughout this article. I hope, this article helps you, as I said earlier, each method is easy to do and effective at the same time. Follow the approaches and fix your problem! Let us know if you have any doubts related to the instructions provided in the comments below.

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