Is It Possible To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

If you have a constant question and urge that makes you ask yourself, “Who viewed my Facebook profile?” then you have landed on to the right page. This article is all about giving you some of the practical ways to find out who viewed your Facebook profile.

There are only a few definite methods that would genuinely help to give you information about your Facebook visits. Many fake websites are running their businesses by generating inappropriate tools claiming to provide you with the names who viewed your profile. They are all fake!

In this article, we will only discuss some of the tricks that actually work to help you figure out who has been stalking you. Let us dive in!

How To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

On searching ‘Who viewed my Facebook profile?’ on the Internet, you will get a long list of solutions through online websites claiming you one-minute solution to your query – which are of course fake. Practically, there is no official method or tool to give you the top visitor names.

Here are some of the tricks that might help you get an idea about who visits your profile more often:

1. Using The Friends List

Here are the steps that you must follow to use this trick:

Step 1:

First, log on to your Facebook account, by entering your email address and password. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the homepage or news feed of your Facebook account. You can also log in to your Facebook account through your mobile phone.

Step 2:


Click on the name tab that you will find on the top of your screen. It will redirect you to your profile page. If you are using your mobile phone, then find the tab to go to your profile section.

Step 3:

Find the ‘Friends’ options from the profile page and click on it. Soon, you will have an entire list of your Friends on Facebook on your screen. Facebook has an algorithm to store the names in the default Friends list in a particular order.

The first 10-20 names on your friend’s list that are randomly seen on the screen are possibly the ones who have viewed your profile very often in recent times. These names you see are the ones with whom you interact the most or have interacted very frequently in recent days.

As per the algorithm is considered, these few names visit your profile more often than the other friends on your list.

2. Update Your Facebook Status


Here are some of the steps that you must follow in order to know who is stalking your profile over Facebook by putting a simple status:


Step 1:

Firstly, open Facebook and enter your credentials to log into the account. After you do that you will be redirected to the news feed of your Facebook account. 


Step 2:

Now, you will find the box where Facebook always asks you “What’s on your mind?”. It is the status box, and you need to put up a usual status as in a general tone. Make sure you do not show strong emotions in those statuses that you are using for identifying your stalkers. 


Step 3:

Do not tag anyone in your status as it might change or hamper the test results that you are looking for. It should be a general and casual status like “I am excited today” and other such phrases. Now Post the status by clicking on Post or share option available on your screen. 


Step 4:

Now wait for some time and let the likes come in. Keep a note of the person who liked and commented after approximately 8 hours of posting the status. 


Step 5: 

Now, repeat this test for around five more times with different phrases in your statuses and compare the likes of one another. The mutual people who liked your statuses the most are probably visiting your profile more often than others in your friend list. 


These two above steps are genuine tricks that will help you know who visits your Facebook profile more often as compared to others in your friend list.

3. Facebook Friend Suggestions

The friend suggestions that you see in your notification tabs very often indicate that they are the friends of your friends over Facebook and also the frequent visitors to your profile. This is one of the organic ways to find out who viewed my Facebook profile the most.

Don’t Take Help From Fake Websites

There are several online tools that you will find instantly right after you enter your search for ‘who viewed my Facebook profile?’. These online tools that you see are fake and will only lead you to either download an application or filling a survey form.

Some fake websites are even charging for giving a fake list of recent visitors. For your information, there is no guaranteed way so far to get a list of recent visitors, even if one is ready to pay some amount for the same.

There are only a few tweaking tricks that can give you a few names that recently viewed your profile. Therefore, make sure that you do not fall for fake solutions over the Internet. Do not add your Facebook credentials in any of the third-party websites that you access over the Internet as it might compromise your account.

Trust only the methods that you can try and implement from your end without the need to installing or buying any third-party tool. The third-party apps might contain viruses that might hamper your account as well as your device.


Now, you know the secret tricks that help you figure out who viewed your Facebook profile.

So, get hold of your PCs and start using these tricks mentioned above to note down the few names who might be stalking you for quite a time now. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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