How To Watch Hotstar in USA With A VPN?

Hotstar is one of the popular online streaming services of India that is full of Entertainment. Though there is no direct way to watch Hotstar in the USA, the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is helpful in this scenario. The Bollywood and the Indian drama fans out there in the USA and other parts of the world can now enjoy Hotstar streaming without interruptions by following certain VPN rules at the least possible pricing.

In this article, you will know about the detailed steps to make use of the VPN for connecting to Hotstar to start your streaming. But before that, you must know why there is a tremendous demand for Hotstar in the USA and how VPN becomes so essential for unblocking the geo-restrictions.

Is Hotstar Officially Available In USA?

If you try and make a direct approach to the various contents or videos on Hotstar India in the USA, then you will see a restriction message popping up on your screen saying ‘Coming Soon’. It happens because Hotstar India has geo-restrictions due to the licensing agreements. Do not worry as any of the VPN services can help you unlock the Hotstar India in the USA or any other country in just a few minute’s time.

The use of a VPN will change your IP address and will register it with the IP address of India. VPN assists you in creating location spoof for making the services available in no time. People prefer Indian Hotstar because this version has a free subscription to offer than the other country versions.

Why Do People Want To Watch Hotstar Outside India?

  • The premium subscription fee is very less as compared to other country versions.
  • There are several free content in the Indian Hotstar free version. The premium subscription opens up the window for an even bigger content library.
  • You also get a money-back guarantee with the Indian version of Hotstar within ten days of purchase.

How to Stream Hotstar in USA

Firstly, before starting with the connecting work, you need to download the best VPN software on your desktop or mobile phone. Though there are many popular and best VPN services available over the online platform, Express VPN is considered to be one of the best applications so far that has a reasonable subscription fee.

So, here are the steps for downloading the Express VPN and connecting it to the Indian server to start watching Hotstar in the USA:

Step 1:

Download Express VPN from its official website. Get it installed and buy the paid subscription after which you will get a key to enter for logging on to the services of Express VPN. Enter the key when prompted after the installation process is completed. You can also get the Express VPN software from this another website.

Step 2:

Now, launch the Express VPN application and click on ‘Choose Location’ to choose a country. To watch Hotstar in USA, you need to select the country ‘India’ from the list.

There will be a visible list of all the servers active under the country’s name. Double click on India and you will see all the available servers. Select any one amongst the list, and then you are good to go.

Step 3:

Now, you will be redirected back to the home screen of the Express VPN app where you will see a big round ‘Connect’ button. Click on it and give it a couple of seconds to connect you with the Indian server. Soon after that, you see a ‘Connected’ prompt on your screen. Now, you can move ahead to the next step to gain access to the Indian version of Hotstar.

Step 4: 

Signing-up to Hotstar is essential only if you are willing to see the exclusive content library. If you want to see only the free contents, then you are good to go by just logging on to Hotstar after turning on the VPN.

For premium contents, you need to complete the sign-up process that is only possible if you possess an Indian Debit card or credit card. Hotstar India will not accept USA debit or credit cards for sign-up.

In case, you do not have an Indian debit or credit card, do not worry as this step is all about helping you out. If you do not have any Indian debit or credit card, then you can call up your friend or relative in India to process the payment on your behalf. Certain unauthentic payment sites allow you to make payment in India currency, but there is no legit proof of it. Therefore, seeking help from a friend or relative in India is a better option.

Step 5:

Choose the plan that you want to avail by logging on to the Hotstar subscription page. Select the plan amongst the Rs.1499 (yearly subscription) and Rs.299 (monthly subscription). The value of the plans is in Indian Rupees, and the monthly plan is set on auto-renewal unless it is manually canceled by the user.

Step 6:

Now, enter the name, email address, and other details as asked by the website. Create a secure password for your login. If you want to speed up this process, then connect with your active Facebook account and Hotstar will feed in all your details from there.

Step 7:

After entering all the details, you will be prompted for the payment. Complete it, and you will be all set to access the premium content of Hotstar by just connecting the VPN to an Indian server.


Now, you know the different steps that you must follow to get seamless access to the Indian Hotstar version. If you are an Indian Entertainment fan, then Hotstar is the best online streaming service to look out for.

If you are in the USA but still want to explore the fun and thrill of sports, drama, entertainment, and other content over Hotstar India, then follow the steps mentioned above to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment easily.

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