How To Cancel Twitch Prime? [2 Methods]

‌‎­Twitch prime is included among the Amazon prime and Prime videos platform, or more precisely Twitch prime can be said to be a part of Amazon Prime. It is used by a lot of people in today’s generation. Twitch Prime has become a very common platform for entertainment and earning money just by playing games. Of course, what would probably be more exciting than just playing games and winning cash and more such prices! Now, once you become a member of twitch prime, the most colloquial question that pops up is how to cancel Twitch prime? Let us find out int his article!

What Is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime includes a lot of bonus games and exclusive in-game content, which results in delectation for the youngsters. As time passed, Twitch prime has become a really significant and most used part of Amazon Prime. Almost everyone has Amazon prime and it’s membership. Twitch Prime is a really entertaining platform and people tend to like it and use it very much. For the present situations like lockdown and everything being shut, the teenagers, youngsters, as well as the adults, invest a lot of time in playing the exciting games here. It is safe for kids and also the youngsters and reliable to spend your time on this platform.

How Do You Join Twitch Prime?

As mentioned above, Twitch prime is included among Amazon Prime but if you are not a member of Amazon or Amazon Prime, you can gain the services of Twitch Prime through Twitch directly or directly via Amazon. Whereas, if you are already a member you need to link or pair up the Amazon and Twitch account so that you get benefitted out of it throughout. The only thing you’ve got to do is to “head here” to get all the new features unlocked of both, Amazon and Twitch.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime?

Becoming a member of Twitch Prime is comparatively easier than canceling the membership. Many people have a doubt on how do they cancel their memberships. There occurs a confusion when such a question arises. Once the membership is taken, people wish to have their memberships back due to their own reasons. One of the very common reasons why people wish to cancel twitch prime is because they stop using it and paying for a service you don’t use, is of course money waste. It is not a very complex process and by following some steps, it may become really easy to cancel twitch prime. Let’s throw some light on how you can do so.

Below are some easy methods and steps to cancel the twitch prime. These methods are really helpful and are also less time-consuming. You can try these methods and see the results quickly.

Method 1: Via Amazon Prime

This method is the easiest one to cancel your Twitch prime. The steps of method 1 are mentioned below.

1. Login To Amazon And Click On The Accounts Option:

 The very first step is to log in to your Amazon account. You can do this by browsing on google or by downloading the Amazon app on your phone. Once you have the app, log in and click on the accounts option. All the changes or settings related to your personal account can be done by clicking on this option.

2. Look For The Settings Option And Click On It:

Once you click on the accounts option, out of the many options displayed in the drop-down, look for the settings options and click on it.

3. Click On The Manage Prime Membership

After you click on the Settings option, you may see an option that says “manage Prime membership”. Click on it.

4. Select The Cancel Membership option:

The last step of this method on how to cancel Twitch Prime is to select on the cancel membership option and then, as the name of the step suggests, your membership gets canceled.

This method is the simplest of all and can be used when you want to cancel your whole Amazon membership. When you cancel the Amazon membership, the Twitch Prime membership gets canceled on its own.

Method 2: Unlinking Twitch

This method is slightly different from the first method and is comparatively more complex. The method includes canceling particularly the Twitch Prime and not the whole Amazon membership. The steps to be followed are given below.

1. Login/Sign in To Your Amazon Prime Account:

The very first step, yet the easiest step to cancel Twitch Prime is to log in or sign in to your Amazon account. Enter your correct username and password and log in. Since Twitch Prime is a part of Amazon Prime and prime videos, there is no different application to log in, for your membership to be canceled. You simply need to enter your details where they’ve asked.

2. Click On The Account And Lists Option:

The second step is to click on the account and lists option you’ll see at the top, right next to the orders option. This option contains all your privacy, your orders, your most-watched, membership, payment options, and all these types of options that help you in changing your personal settings. Any settings or changes to be made on your account, this is the option you must click on.

3. Choose The Twitch Account Settings Option:

As mentioned before, you can change all your account related aspects when you click on the account and lists option. One of the options among them is “Twitch account settings “. This mainly consists of all those options through which, one can extend or cancel their twitch memberships. Twitch account settings come under the other options part of the settings. You may see many other options there like, Amazon business registration, web services, login with Amazon, etc.

4. Click The Unlink Account Option:

After you choose the Twitch account settings, click on the unlock account option you see. The option is displayed in a purple-colored box and can be clearly seen. When you click on the Unlink Account option, you become one more step ahead towards deleting your twitch prime. The option helps you cancel your membership but this is not the last step. After you click on it you need to confirm your cancellation.

‌5. Click On Unlink This Twitch Account:

This step is indeed the last one to complete the process of canceling Twitch Prime. Once you click on the unlink option as mentioned above, you need to confirm your cancellation. Hence, the very last step is the confirmation step. Among the two options that are displayed that is; cancel and unlink this Twitch account, click on the right side option. The option would be displayed in a purple-colored box again and is quite visible.

Be sure about your decision before you click on this option because once confirmed, you cannot directly get your canceled account back. They ask you if you are sure about deleting your account and when you click on the unlink the twitch account finally, your Twitch prime would get canceled. The last, yet the easiest and convenient way to take your membership back.


‍To conclude, these were the five easy and helpful steps on the most common yet crucial query, how to cancel Twitch Prime. This method of canceling your twitch prime would be really helpful and less time-consuming. It might also avoid a lot of difficulties. Now that you know how to cancel your twitch prime, you may try this method and if worthy, share it with your friends too. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the above-mentioned steps or the method, do let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

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