How to Fix “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error on Instagram?

Do you want to post your stories, photos and send messages to your friends on Instagram but ended up getting “couldn’t refresh feed” when you open the Instagram application? if that is the case, this is the right place to find out what is the cause and how to get rid of this particular trouble. Follow all the steps that are mentioned in this article so that you solve the problem on both Android and IOS devices and start using Instagram.
Let’s dive in!

Why Does “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Appear On Instagram?

There is nothing to worry about when it is shown “couldn’t refresh feed” in Instagram, In general, this message appears when the servers are down and also depends on data connection stability, high traffic, stability and strength of the broadband, as a result, the app stops functioning properly, above all, the problem can be solved very easily.

Method 1: Check Your Connection Speed

First of all, follow these simple steps, and make sure you follow every step perfectly.

  1. Check for the latest updates. Check your device configurations, devices with low configuration will not support new updates, for example, 1G and 2G mobile devices, because of the low configuration mobiles cannot hold the new updates that exceed mobiles holding capacity.
  2. Log out and re-login to your Instagram account this will refresh your page and helps you avoid annoying troubles.
  3. Your account has to be active only in one device at a time. Logging in to multiple devices may increase traffic, therefore resulting in improper functioning of the application.
  4. Scroll down the taskbar in your mobile and switch on “Airplane mode” for a second and switch it off. This some times helps in boosting your mobile performance. Then check the Instagram application once again by refreshing it.
  5. Check the speed of the data/wifi using speed test apps, that are available in the Google Play Store.

“Speedtest by Ookla” is one of the best-rated application with 100M+ downloads.

  • Switch off mobile data for a second and turn it on. Now open the Instagram app and refresh the application and check whether it’s still showing “couldn’t refresh feed” or not.

Method 2: Turn Off Battery And Data Saving Mode

  • Check the battery saver mode and if the battery saver mood is on, the performance of your mobile shrinks, which decreases the data speed. So if you find battery saver mood on, then turn it off immediately.
  • If you are a mobile data user, check the data saver mode. Turn it off if you find it on. some mobiles automatically switch on data saver mode when the battery is too low and does not turn it off. This decreases the data usage which indeed results in sowing the message “couldn’t refresh feed” whenever you open the Instagram app.

Follow the steps mentioned below to switch off power saving mode and then refresh the Instagram app: 

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click on the battery option.
  3. Then click on the power-saving mode option. Then Turn off the power saving mode.

Method 3: Connect To Another Network

Still, the problem is not solved? then plug into the alternate network.

Network issues may also affect the data speed, in other words, poor network implies poor data signals, and all you need to do is use a different WiFi or change the network (if you are a dual sim user).

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your connectivity settings to default.

For Android Users:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Then type “network settings” or “sim card settings”.
  3. Next Open network/sim card settings.
  4. Then Click on Network setting reset.

5.  Select the network that won’t work.

6. Now click on reset settings.

For iOS Users

Follow these steps if you are getting “couldn’t refresh the feed” when you open Instagram in your IOS device.

  • Go to settings and open general.
  • Now choose reset.
  • After that select “reset network settings”.

  • Restart your iOS device

Open Instagram and see if the error has disappeared

Method 5: Clearing Cache & Junk

Clear the cache and junk data in your mobile, this will boost the application performance. Follow the steps mentioned underneath to clean the junk & cache.

  1. Go to app management and click on the app list.
  2. Select Instagram and select storage usage.

3. Then click on clear data and then click on clear cache.

Now open the Instagram app and refresh the page and you will find the page getting reloaded and restores all your data.

Method 6: High Traffic

Sometimes high traffic causes the server to go down, this happens especially when your presence is in a highly crowded region, in this case,   “couldn’t refresh feed”  is observed while opening the Instagram page. So the status of the Instagram server can be verified by clicking the link below.


Downdetector shows the status of the Instagram server.


In conclusion, all methods and steps mentioned above will surely help in better functioning of the Instagram application, you can send text messages to your buddies and post your stories and photos without facing any issues, and most importantly, you surely will not notice “couldn’t refresh feed” error message appearing whenever you open the application.

If you are still facing any issues even after following all the steps, please let us know by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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